Patched and Packed: Final Fantasy XV is ready for the holiday! (Free DLC & Season Pass Bonuses)

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Final Fantasy XV was received quite well with the general gaming press and fans alike, so with the holiday spirit and Christmas coming up, those who own the game digitally and physically can download the Holiday Pack DLC for free (with a Premium Packed Edition/Season Pass Edition that’s called Holiday Pack Plus) which contains tons of new stuff and extra bonuses for the Plus edition. The gallery will provide you with all the information needed to discern the differences between the Free and Plus editions.
Owners of the game have also received a 3.2GB patch to prepare for the Holiday Pack with minor changes that spruce up the experience of the game even further (Thanks, minameissteve for the tip):

Patch Notes:
– Various Bug Fixes
– New mode: New Game+ (carry over certain data from a previous playthrough)
– Additional Bonus Content
Source: Final Fantasy XV’s Facebook Page (Announcement)


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