SNK and Sony Release Fu’Un Super Combo in Europe; More NeoGeo Titles Planned for 2017

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Sony has been working with SNK in getting many of it’s titles on PlayStation platforms since early 2016 through ports like Metal Slug 3 releasing on PS Vita and PS4. Today, Europe got a nice surprise with the release of Fu’Un Super Combo on the PS4! The game is already out in North America but it sees release in Europe today.

Having previously released on December 20 for the North American PlayStation Store, the Fu’Un Super Combo from SNK is now available in Europe as well. Coming by way of Sony and SNK working to bring older titles to PlayStation 4, this bundle includes Savage Reign and the sequel Kizuna Encounter. Both releases are based on their PlayStation 2 versions with new arranged soundtracks and a color edit mode for customization.
As Japanese imports, in-game and in-menu text will display in Japanese by default. However Savage Reign supports English and Spanish language options whereas Kizuna Encounter supports both as well as Portuguese.

It is nice seeing more SNK titles coming to PlayStation platforms and 2017 will see the release of more games coming to Sony platforms in the future. If you want to see how Fu’Un Super Combo fares on PS4, why not watch it’s trailer below?
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