Desire: Remaster Version gets Teaser Trailer; Releasing in Japan April 2017 on Vita/PC

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Sometimes remastered projects find home on the Vita, as refining a classic can work out nicely to offer a fresh way to experience it. HD remasters, ports and remakes are common ground on Vita but another one is on the way for Japanese markets in 2017. Desire: Remaster Version takes an quite old visual novel and updates it for modern platforms.

Desire is set on a remote island in the Southern Sea isolated from the outside world, where there is a research institute called “Desire”. Everything researched there is shrouded in a veil of mystery and cannot e known by the outside world. The protagonist, a journalist named Albert, visits the island, where his lover Makoto is working as a researcher for Desire. While there, the two get rolled up in a major incident.
The updated release will be digitally remastered using the original images from the SS version of Desire as its base, and feature newly added eye and mouth animations, as well as new CG.

Reported by Gemastsu, this project will take the original images used in the visual novel and update them through added presentation elements. The game will release on PS Vita and many PC operating systems in Japan on April 2017.

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