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With the recent release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, Did You Know Gaming decides to look at some Easter eggs, facts, secrets, and history of Pokémon Stadium. The Pokemon Stadium games are Pokemon spin-offs for the Nintendo 64 that retain the series’ core RPG gameplay. The first Stadium game was released in 1999 in Japan, and 2000 in North America, Australia and Europe.
Although this is the first Stadium title in Western regions, it’s actually a sequel to the 1998 Nintendo 64 game Pocket Monsters Stadium, which was only released in Japan. Through our analysis, we show that this Japane exclusive was intended to be released for the 64DD during its beta, and how the spin-off’s surfing Pikachu and Raichu inspired the alolan Raichu design.
Pokemon Stadium 2 was released in English-speaking regions in 2000 in Japan, and 2001 elsewhere, and focused on the second Pokemon generations. All three games allowed connectivity with the Game Boy Pokemon games, such as Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal (though the latter three were only compatible with Stadium 2).

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