Rare Replay On Sale for Xbox Live Gold Users! – 9.90$ on Microsoft Online Store

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Rare Replay is a massive collection of over 30 iconic titles from Rare’s history across the ZX Spectrum all the way to recent 360 release like Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts. This collection is one with a lot of care, charm and polish; one of the best exclusives on Microsoft’s Xbox One platform. But what if you didn’t own it and would like to get a fun holiday gift for the end of the year?
Well I have a deal for you! Reported by Cheap Ass Gamer, Rare Replay is currently 9.90$ on Microsoft’s Digital Store front on the Xbox One if you have Xbox Live Gold, with the deal seemingly to last until the early week of January.
With over 30 games, plenty of achievements and the ports being high quality….this collection is well worth this discounted price point.

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