RUMOR – New Nintendo Switch Rumors Release (Exclusives, Virtual Console, Etc)

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GameXplain was able to round-up various bits of information detailed during a recent AMA with Laura Kate Dale about the Nintendo Switch. Included information includes things like information regarding some third party exclusives, when Zelda might release and more!

Laura Kate Dale held an Ask Me Anything on Reddit where she revealed more rumors and leaks that she heard about the upcoming January 12th Nintendo Switch Event! Get all the details here!

I was really happy to hear that the system is getting more powerful as we get closer to it’s launch and that the Switch Docks will be largely in-expensive. So if you somehow lose one, you can buy another without paying too much money. It is a shame to hear that Zelda might not make launch but considering Mario and the rumors Rabidds RPG will make it, we will have a lot to play. Also worth noting is the amount of titles being announced, as we still don’t know about a number of key games coming to the Switch.
This is great news, as many were annoyed with a lot leaking. With a number of surprises still waiting to get announced, we can look forward to learning more about the Switch.

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