Utada Hikaru is working on Kingdom Hearts III Theme Song

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The Kingdom Hearts series is famous for being a grand adventure across various Disney worlds and for seeing your favorite Final Fantasy characters. The franchise is a fun ride that will continue into 2017 for it’s anniversary.
With the release of the two HD Collections on PS4 (KH I.5 and II.5) and the latest HD project Kingdom Hearts II.8 HD, the series will have a packed 2017. But one piece of news that will make many fans happy, is that Utada Hikaru will continue providing theme songs for the series in the future.

Utada Teruzane has amended his statement about Utada Hikaru’s involvement in KINGDOM HEARTS 3, stating that they are eager to do it but the decision is not official as of yet.
Utada Teruzane, father and manager of Utada Hikaru, has confirmed that Utada is working on the theme song for KINGDOM HEARTS III on Twitter.

Better news is the fact she will be making a new song for Kingdom Hearts III. Reported by Kingdom Hearts Insider, this is great news and will be a nice way to conclude this saga for the series. 
Expect more Kingdom Hearts news and updates to release on 3WIREL.

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