[RUMOR] Ubisoft Releasing Upcoming Assassins Creed Title on Switch Same Day as PS4/X1 Versions

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The upcoming Assassins Creed game will be releasing in 2017 after a lengthy development cycle. But many are wondering if the game will hit Nintendo’s upcoming Switch platform. According to Laura Kate Dale, it might.
She released the above tweet saying that she heard ‘Ubisoft wants day-one release’, which indicates a few things. One being that the game will see release the same time as the Xbox One and PS4 versions, showing that Ubisoft will be major supporters of the Switch. Another thing is that if this Assassins Creed game is the same exact one currently in development (for PS4/X1/PC), it shows that the Switch can handled PS4 calbier titles graphically.
We will likely learn more once Nintendo shows off more of the Switch in the upcoming Switch Presentation. But like all rumors this is not a fact or announcement, so it could be false. Please wait for an official confirmation from Nintendo or Ubisoft

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