Shovel Knight has Surpassed over 1.5 Million Sales Across All Platforms

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The indie hit Shovel Knight has been a powerful success for Yacht Club Games, fostering over 1.5 Million sales according to US Gamer.

From that standpoint, Yacht Club has done an impressive job of living off Shovel Knight, which is now available on most major platforms and has managed to sell a million and a half units. They’ve beat the odds and built a substantial fanbase with a single-player release in a very crowded marketplace, and they’re still going strong.

This is great news, showing that the support for the game is strong and people love buying the title. It is worth noting that Spector of Torment is releasing in Early 2017 as free DLC for the game, which according to Yacht Club Games, is ‘Shovel Knight 1.5’ in terms of new content. It is great seeing the game continuing to get support long after it’s release in 2014 (2015 on PS4/PS3/X1/Vita).

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