Stephen Radosh (Mario & Zelda CDI Games) Almost Made Donkey Kong Game with SEGA

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If you remember your Nintendo history, one part of the company’s legacy is one that everyone would like to sweep under the rug; the Nintendo CDI Games. They are infamous, for all the wrong (or right, depending on your sense of humor) things. And who would have thought Donkey Kong would have joined in on the fun?
Stephen Radosh was going to be working with SEGA on a Parking Attendant game using the Donkey Kong franchise.

– Radosh left Atari and landed at Sega
– Radosh mostly worked on arcade cabinets-
“Somehow Sega had gotten the rights to Donkey Kong. (You played as Donkey Kong, who was a parking attendant) You were dodging cars that were pulling in and out of the lot, and you had to get X number of cars parked in spaces.”

The game never released, but it is interesting learning how DK could have had a game with SEGA as the publisher!
Source: Go Nintendo

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