Trauma Team TV Show Pilot Leaked – Based on the ‘Trauma Team Series’ Video Games

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TV shows based on video games are nothing new and still happen today. We got shows like Sonic Boom and Pac Man & The Ghostly Adventures in recent years for example. Seems like the Truama Team Series was going to get a live action TV series at some point, with the above pilot releasing online.

Back in 2010, Instavision announced plans for a live-action TV series based on Atlus’ Wii game Trauma Team. Even though it sounded fairly ambitious in what all sides were hoping to achieve, it never got off the ground.
A video has now been uploaded to YouTube which seems to show the pilot. It was an early cut, meaning music and video edits were likely temporary. As for the show itself, the YouTube description states: “Four young medical prodigies are forced underground and become vigilante doctors by forming a renegade clinic to help desperate patients who have nowhere else to turn.”

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This would have been quite the interesting show to watch, as the games mixed drama with mystical elements. I would have loved to see a show based on this series to be honest but after watching the pilot, I was a bit confused about how a series like this could work.

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