Resident Evil 7 Producer Explains Change to First-Person Perspective

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Resident Evil 7 Producer Explains Change to First-Person Perspective
Resident Evil 7 is a major shift for the series, as after many games being in third person, this new horror title will instead have you play the game in first person. The producer of the project shared recently with Game Rant reasoning for this decision. 

“When we decided on the direction of focusing on horror, we thought that having a first-person perspective would be the most effective way to fully immerse the player in the experience. By making the player the main character, we believe they’ll be able to have a more personal connection to what’s going on and experience survival horror like never before.”

Making things more personal is a power to the first person perspective; we are behind the eyes of our main characters and we experience things with them, not as them. It makes the horror to be even more scary, which is why many recent horror games like Outlast have used this perspective. I think the shift to first person can be a great move for Resident Evil. It makes the horror all the more real and it isn’t like the series never touched the first person perspective before.
Past games in the series, mainly spin-offs, use first person to varying degrees. The most successful we the two Wii Light-Gun games in the Resident Evil Chronicles series (personally greatly enjoyed those). While not horror-focused and having a direction toward action, it shows the series toyed with first person before.
Resident Evil 7 will be releasing in Early 2017 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The PS4 version is being built in mind with PlayStation VR support, so you can play the entire game using the VR headset.

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