Sonic Unleashed Beta Build Released in Dec. 2016

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Sonic Unleashed was something I greatly enjoyed but many might wonder the tech behind this project. From a day-night system, realistic lighting and other factors, many might want to learn about this games development. In early December, it finally happened; the Beta Build of Sonic Unleashed released.

The beautiful environments based on real-life locations, fast gameplay and a unique lighting engine all housed under the “Hedgehog Engine” helped achieve a major milestone for fast-paced 3D platformers. Fast forward towards the end of the downer year that is 2016, it has brought us one thing that can shed some meaningful insight on the development of Sonic Unleashed; the release of an Xbox 360 preview build.

Reported by Sonic Retro, this beta build of the game offers many interesting elements. One such element was something like ‘God Mode’ letting you fly around the map to see some insight to the games level design. Other noteworthy features include 60FPS (the game had an unlocked frame-rate in the PS3 version and capped 30FPS in the 360 version), some unused level/object layouts, placeholder graphics and much more.
You can see the beta version in action below.

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