Nintendo Tries to Make ‘Super Mario Run’ Content Clearer to Buyers

Mario Run is a great success for Nintendo but they are currently facing some challenges with people expecting the entire game being free. It is a top grossing app on the Apple App Store, but still, Nintendo wants to ensure people know what they get with the 10$ unlock fee after the first four levels.

So, they released the above points on the official Mario Run website. Reported by My Nintendo News, Nintendo makes it clear that modes, levels and more unlock with the 10$ Unlock fee. I think they should have included this in-game once you boot it up, that way people know ‘Oh, I get these things if I fork down 10$ into this game.’

But it is good Nintendo is looking into solving an issue people have with the title. Mobiles games have the expectation of being completely free due to so many ‘Free-To-Play’ games being on the App Store and Android Marketplace. It makes premium games have a difficult time finding success at points.

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