PS4 Pro Teardown from Ben Heck – The Ben Heck Show

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PlayStation 4 Pro is a powerful console, offering better visuals for many games and resolution options for 4K gaming. But what exactly is behind the systems power? More specifically, what parts make up the system as whole? Ben Heck has the answer and he takes apart the PS4 Pro to explain it’s many parts and elements.

I personally enjoy Ben Heck’s videos on YouTube, as he does comprehensive breakdowns and builds of gaming consoles & hardware. You can learn a lot on how to make a portable Xbox One or Dreamcast for example through watching his videos. His tear-downs are in-depth which results in you learning about the background of the hardware making up the technology that is all around us.
Put up on his YouTube Channel, we learn interesting elements behind the PS4 Pro hardware! Consider giving this video a watch if you want to learn more about Sony’s latest console. 

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