Road Redemption (Road Rash’s Spiratual Succssor) Out Now on Early Access (Steam); PS4 Version Coming Soon

Road Rash is a gaming classic, as it mixed racing on the open-road with intense bike riding and melee combat. It is a game many fondly remember but sadly went into a deep slumber after it’s release in the 90’s. Many tried to replicate elements from this title but a full-on successor never really released. In September, a project called ‘Road Redemption’ released on Steam through Early Access.

This game is a spiritual successor to road rash in both visual style, gameplay and racing. It looks like a blast and you can play it on your PS4 in the near future, as a version for that console is in the works.

Road Redemption takes place in a post-apocalyptic America, ruled by a brutal dictator. Without telling anyone, your gang leader has decided to head to the capital on a desperate assassination attempt. When the government catches him, the consequences for your gang, and everyone you know and love, will be devastating. It’s up to you and your fellow gang members to race across hundreds of miles of dangerous highways in order to track down your derelict leader before the government does.

If you enjoy racing games and own a decent PC, why not give this road-traveling adventure a ride to celebrate the new years? Credit goes out to Punk and Lizard for bringing attention to this title. 

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