Almost 20% of the Xbox 360 Library is Playable on the Xbox One

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The original Xbox 360 is a great console that offered fun games across various genres. With Microsoft making the effort in bringing the 360’s entire library over to the Xbox One, one might wonder how much progress was made in getting this accomplished. The result? Almost 20% of the Xbox 360 library is playable on the Xbox One platform.

That leaves 1,562 Xbox 360 games that could potentially be played on Xbox One. There are currently 308 backward compatible games as of this writing meaning 19.72% of the Xbox 360 library that could be played on Xbox One is already part of the BC library. If Microsoft and third party publishers keep up this pace then it is feasible that over half of the Xbox 360 library could be made backward compatible by this time next year.
The Xbox One backwards compatibility program was initially announced during Microsoft’s E3 2015 press conference. The program had a soft rollout on that day and was officially launched in November of 2015.

This is a huge accomplishment, as this means a lot for the Xbox brand. Firstly is that Microsoft cares about preservation of the 360 library and the fact they got 20% of the library playable on the console is impressive. Making emulation work for over 300 titles had to take a lot of time and money. The second major thing to take away from this news is that it inflates the Xbox One library significantly. By having a lot of 360 games playable, it fills up holes missing from the Xbox One library. Want some fun RPG’s? Pick up Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey for example.
Microsoft promised to continue adding to the 360 BC program in 2017 and we will report on any future games coming to the platform.
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