Jimquisition – Big Empty Sandboxes

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To kick off the new year, Jim releases the very first Jimquisition for 2017! It covers the massive amount of open world titles coming out this generation and how some feel lacking. Ubisoft is the main example for this video but the point Jim is getting across still stands. I don’t mind open world games to be honest, as they can be quite fun to mess around with. But if the content isn’t engaging and worthwhile, the title can get sale and boring….fast.
So giving your massive game world content like an engaging story, lots of interactivity, smart level design and more is important. Jim closed the video bringing up how No Mans Sky is the end-point for the focus on open world. That game is massive, but small at the same time. By the time you play through the entire game, you saw the same planets many times again and again.
Open world is promising but you need to take notes from games like The Witcher 3. That game offered a world massive but with tons of NPC’s to speak with and smart design to ensure you never get bored exploring the game world.

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