Rime Re-Announced – Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC, & Nintendo Switch

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A few years ago, a breathtaking game called Rime was announced for the PS4 and was one of the system’s earliest announcements. With great visuals, large world and promising setting, the game looked to be a hidden gem on the PS4’s indie line up. But issues with the studio and Sony pushed the game to not remain a PS4 exclusive, with publisher Tequila Works taking over publishing duties.
Now, the game is officially re-announced and will be coming out on the PS4 still but also see release on Xbox One, Steam and even the Nintendo Switch. This re-announcement indicates a few things; the game just took a long time to develop resulting in taking years to finally release hopefully this year and that the Switch will be getting major independent studio support.
It’s great seeing Rime come back to life and expect 3WIREL to cover any news and information of this exciting project.

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