The Kingdom Hearts 1.5 & 2.5 PS4 Version Has No New Content

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Many were thrilled when it was announced that all the Kingdom Hearts HD collections were finding their way to PlayStation 4’s in 2017, but some might be wondering ‘Does this new port have addition content?’ Square Enix came out recently and stated the following comment: {The contents are the same as the two HD remaster in the past. Because six games are recorded on one game disc of PS4, it is easier to play.”
Basically, outside of all the games running at 60FPS at 1080p resolution, there are no changes from the PS3 collections. This was reported by PlayStation Lifestyle and while it is a shame that this doesn’t contain new content, at least people with only PS4’s can get caught up with the story of the Kingdom Hearts series.
Having the entire series on one platform is quite nice honestly, as the series is infamous for platform-hopping for many years across systems like the PS2, Game Boy Advance, PSP and Nintendo DS. With the series in one spot, gamers will be able to enjoy the entire story in one place without buying tons of different consoles.

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