The Last Guardian: Patch 1.03 PS4 Vs. PS4 Pro (Digital Foundry)

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The Last Guardian is a game that was in development for many years and has a documented history. We was able to review the game and one of the bigger issues with the games frame rate. It wasn’t the most stable on base PS4 but reportedly runs much better on PS4 Pro in 1080p mode. 
Does the games latest patch make the frame rate more stable on base PS4? Well Digital Foundry answers that question and it is a resounding ‘Not really’.
Some select locations have a higher frame rate boost and it makes the game more playable. Also helped by this is much improved camera controls. But sadly the frame rate isn’t much different compared to the games released state; it still drops to sub-20FPS often. PS4 Pro doesn’t have this issue when in 1080p mode still but 4K mode is similar to base PS4; slightly better but still not the best.
With the game finally finished and released, we might not get any more patches for the title going forward, likely making this the final update for the game. It is a shame that the base PS4 suffers from major frame rate issues, as it shouldn’t be running as badly as it does.

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