Diablo III Gets Update: Adding In Original Diablo Re-Created for Anniversary for Limited Time

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The original Diablo is a classic and Blizzard is set on celebrating this milestone date for the studio by adding in the original game into the latest release for the franchise, Diablo III. Recreating elements of the original game, you can play a good amount of the original Diablo inside.

The retro-style dungeon for Diablo III that seeks to recreate aspects of the original Diablo is now available for a limited time.

Today sees the release of update 2.4.3 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Its chief addition is the special dungeon announced back at Blizzcon as a 20-year-anniversary celebration. By tracking down a group of cultists in Adventure mode, you’ll be able to access a special portal that takes players to a 16-level dungeon filled with bosses and other elements from the original Diablo.

The patch also has new weapons, armor and more were also added with this update. If you have Diablo III and want to celebrate the anniversary, consider getting the patch soon as this event won’t last forever.

This special event is only available for the month of January. It’ll return in future years to mark the franchise’s anniversary, and Blizzard says it’ll ordinarily feature a “pre-cursor event” from January 1-3

Source: GameSpot

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