SEGA of Europe Registers ‘Shenmue HD’ Domain

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The Shenmue series is iconic to gaming and many are excited to see it coming back through the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter that released June 2015. Many backed the project and we will venture through a new chapter of Ryu’s adventure in the near future, but what about the people that want to experience why this series is so beloved? An HD version of Shenmue has never been made, but one might be happening soon.

It seems SEGA Europe has registered a domain name called “”. In fact, they’re mentioned directly as “Sega Europe Ltd.” If there’s one thing past experiences have taught us here on TSSZ, it’s that a domain registration is not only very accurate with SEGA projects, but it usually means that that SEGA project is very close to being unveiled.

Discovered by TSSZ News and SEGA Nerds, it seems SEGA will be announcing Shenmue HD in the near future. This is exciting news, as people will finally have a chance to play this classic on modern consoles if they do not own a SEGA Dreamcast. We will report on this story as it continues to develop.
Sources: SEGA Nerds & TSSZ News
UPDATE (1/6/2017): This was found on the Shenmue Dojo Twitter but it seems the name ‘Shenmue Remastered’ was trademarked by SEGA of Europe as well. This further cements something is happening regarding a possible Shenmue HD and we will continue reporting as new information releases.

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