The Ben Heck Show – Xbox One S Laptop

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Ben is infamous for taking consoles apart and re-building them into new ways. Smaller consoles and even laptops, he can take a console and make it portable. Recently, he took apart the Xbox One S and turned it into a portable laptop! Like his other videos, he does the process live and explains how/why it works.
I really enjoy his videos and his console laptop videos are the ones I enjoy the most.

Ben assembles an Xbox One S Laptop using parts from a previous teardown of an Xbox One S. The new laptop includes 3D printed parts, an aluminum base cut with a CNC machine, a new power supply to power both the Xbox and LCD screen, and smaller fans powered by a rigged circuit using a Tip 102.
The major components of the Xbox One S are a Blue Ray Drive, Power Supply Unit, a Motherboard, and a Hard Drive. Ben takes the motherboard and scans an image of it in Adobe Illustrator. He uses laser patterns to knock holes in the board. This gives him as many options for mounting this as possible.
He puts together all the Xbox One components. He’s extended the power cable of the blue ray drive, he’s moved the hard drive, he’s put the front panel PCB at a right angle and ported out the buttons (eject, bind, and power), he’s moved the wifi module to an end degree angle, and he’s using the new short HDMI cable to connect to a screen.

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