The Game Informer Show: Half Life 3 Whatever it is or what it was going to be

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In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Game Informer’s editors talk about the odds that a game named Half-Life will ever be released in the future from Valve. Also, Andrew Reiner reveals a few real tidbits that he heard about Half-Life 3’s surprising development.
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No, this isn’t actually really about actual speculation, it is more about the latter part of the video where you get some pretty interesting information about the “development” of Half Life 3 or Half Life 3: Episode 3/4. You see, they were playing around with a slew of ideas and someone has confirmed via an anonymous employee who used to be at Valve (at least according to the video), that it was a mess and they were playing around an RTS or an adventure game with live-action actors (Yes, you read that right, Live-Action Actors in an Adventure Game under the title of Half Life). The GI Show crew also throw around some talk about how studios pitch some ideas that were never coming to fruition even ones that there never ever discussed publicly or implied and overall the rumors as well. Give it a watch.

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