Digital Foundry: Mafia 3 – PS4 Pro Patch 1.05 vs. PS4/Xbox One Frame Rate Test

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Mafia 3 is a major AAA title from 2K Games that released to critical and comerical success in 2016. The game recently got a major update and it seems to add a lot for the PS4 version. PS4 Pro owner or not, the update adds a good deal to the game.

  • 1440p & Supports down-sampling to 1080p when you output at 1080p
  • Improved spotlight shadow quality in dark scenes.
  • Improved motion blur.
  • Drops lower than the base PS4, but doesn’t tear due to V-Sync being active
  • Shooting causes the framerate to drop but holds 30fps most of the time.

So with the PS4 Pro, we get better resolution support thanks to down-sampling which gives a sharper image to the game. In addition, specific visual features like motion blur & shadows got improvements, giving the game better visuals. Thanks to the game having V-Sync supported, the screen never tears despite the frame rate dripping to 26FPS sometimes. Overall, the game has a good home on PS4 now thanks to the latest patch. But what about the base PS4 version?

  • Frame-pacing issues have been fixed.
  • Tears – adaptive v-sync.
  • Minimum recorded 27fps.

So even though the patch was mainly aimed for PS4 Pro, base PS4 owners are treated to major improvements. Firstly Frame-Pacing is gone, which is a major issue for a few games. It makes control in-puts not nearly as responsive as they should be. With that gone, it makes the game feel much better to control. Frame rate and V-Syncing being improved is great to hear as well, as this shows that despite both being fixes for the PS4 Pro, base PS4 owners benefit from this fixes.
Mafia 3 is out now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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