Sunset Overdrive on Sale (Both Digital & Retail Versions) on Amazon for $12.99!

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Sunset Overdrive was one of the early ‘major’ releases for the Xbox One and one of the first next-generation (or current generation as of this writing) titles from Insomniac Games. Many love the game for it’s wacky action, open world, and great controls. If you own a Xbox One and still never played this underrated gem, you can get it for a low price.
On, you can purchase the digital version for 12.99$ or buy it brand new (retail version) for 10.49$. These are great deals, as due to the game’s open world nature, it offers a lot of content. I love Insomniac’s titles and you can tell from work on the Ratchet & Clank series they produce great stuff. That level of polish, quality and humor is present on Sunset Overdrive. If you own a Xbox One, I highly recommend this adventure.

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