Digital Foundry: Steep PS4/PS4 Pro/Xbox One Comparison & Frame Rate Test

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Step is a Ubisoft title that is quite interesting; blending an open world with sports games elements. This results in a very creative game that can be enjoyed by many. But how does it fair regarding visuals and performance? Digital Foundry has the answer to that!

Here’s a belated look at Ubisoft’s winter sports game. We’ve compared and analysed all console versions and isolated the meagre PS4 Pro improvements for your viewing pleasure.

After looking through all versions, the most interesting result is the PS4 Pro, as it runs at an uncapped frame rate. Meaning, it hits over 40 FPS quite often and comes close a stable 50 FPS. The PS4 and X1 versions run at 30FPS with varying resolutions (PS4 = 1080p / Xbox One = 900p). It seems to be a great running game on all platforms, resulting in an experience you can enjoy regardless of what system you own. But if you have a PS4 Pro, you can benefit form a better frame rate.

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