Undertale on Sale for $4.99 on Steam for 24 hours (Deal Ends 1/13/2016)

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Undertale is a game many love and enjoy greatly through it’s simple art style, amazing musical score, touching story, and gameplay mechanics that are very unique from other role playing games in the genre. It was a kickstarter that grew huge thanks to Toby Fox’s success with Earthbound Hacks and the end result is one of the best new IP’s of the generation being created. People still talk about this game today at length.
If you haven’t played it before, now is a great time considering for only 24 hours, you can pick up Undertale on Steam for $4.99. Direct link to the title’s steam page can be found here. I highly recommend this game to you, more so if you enjoy more ‘out-there’ role playing games like the Mother/Earthbound series. It takes a few pages from that games playbook in terms of subverting expectations but it pulls on those heart strings similar to that game too.
Not convinced still? Pick it up for the title’s amazing soundtrack. Hands down some of the best gaming music out there!

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