New Amiibo for Zelda Line Announced – Breath of the Wild Zelda & Bokolin

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The Zelda line of amiibo series continues to get new additions to the line up and they include Zelda herself and a Bokoblin. They look great and I personally really like this Zelda design. With her having a sword and appearing to have major roles within the games plot, she will be doing a lot within the game instead of being a damsel.
This continues to path Nintendo takes with Zelda’s character; Wind Waker has her being a great character commanding a pirate crew and in Skyword Sword she went on her own adventure while Linked saved the world.
These two new amiibos in addition to the announced ones for Breath of the Wild will launch alongside the game on March 3rd. Thank you GameXplain for reporting on this originally!

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