Super Mario Land Re-Made in Super Mario Maker for the Wii U

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The gaming classic Super Mario Land was a very fun (if simple) Mario adventure for the Game Boy. Many wonder what it could look like with more modern visuals and that is possible with Super Mario Maker!

When Nintendo made the decision to turn fans into developers via Super Mario Maker, we began hitting milestones. The creative gaming populace would not disappoint, delivering some of the most wild, hair-raising, rage-quitted level designs imaginable. At times, making us wonder whether fun or torture was the intent. But now we have a treat from Nintendo fan and YouTuber KHAce. He has presented us with Super Mario Land playable in Super Mario Maker.

It’s very impressive as while it doesn’t fully match the games assets/visuals, using many elements of Mario Maker, we get very playable modern rendition of the game. You can find the course codes so you can play the states on your Wii U through visiting Cogconnected!

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