Reggie Explains Nintendo Switch Launch Line-Up

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The head of Nintendo of America Reggie came out recently to answer people’s many questions about the Nintendo Switch. One hot button question is it’s launch line up, as it currently appears to be very small. He gave the following answer.

“Launch day is not the be-all and the end-all. It really is the steady pacing of content that continually reinforces for the people who bought into the platform why they made a smart choice, as well as what compels people who might be sitting on the sidelines to jump in. We feel we have this great ongoing march of content to motivate you to jump into the platform.” — Reggie Fils-Aime

I wouldn’t say that is a good answer personally, as they could offer more content day-one. But with the digital store front and Virtual Console not being detailed, it’s likely more is releasing at launch then we expect. Hopefully we get more details from Nintendo about the Switch’s future games and more soon.
Source: Gamnesia 

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