Super Mario Odyssey – Considerably Finished, New Information, Playable at Future Events

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Super Mario Odyssey was the game that stole the show for many Nintendo games and general gamers alike when it was announced during Nintendo’s special Switch Presentation recently. But many wonder about the state of the game, when they can get their hands on the title and other information. Nintendo Everything was able to learn more about the game and has a lot of great information to share.
One major thing is that content wise, the game is very far along.

Development on Super Mario Odyssey is considerably finished, so producer Yoshiaki Koizumi wants people to get their hands on it. But since the release isn’t close, Nintendo didn’t offer Mario as playable demo.

So it’s great to hear that the game is quite far along and likely one of the reasons many rumors stated the game would be ready for the Switch’s launch. But with the game coming out later in the year, it makes sense to let the title be playable later in the year.
Lastly, we got the following bits of news to share.

– You can enter buildings from doors and explore inside
– You can go and explore a tower and Tokyo Big site-esque building which you can see far away
– Very well-suited stage for exploration
– They are putting effort into showing nice-looking grass and dappled sunlight through trees
Urban area
– Mario can jump to the ground from the top of a skyscraper
– You can jump and step on humans; you can probably expect what happens when you do that

Source: Nintendo Everything

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