Blue Reflection (PS4/Vita JRPG) – First Gameplay Video Releases

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Gust is a studio within Tecmo-Koei that produces a lot of games, with projects like Azure of Night, Ar No Surge Plus and the Atelier series. They announced last year that work on a new IP called Blue Reflection entered production and will see release in Japan in the future (with no western dates given as of this writing).
Today Gust released gameplay footage of the battle system and exploring the field…..this game looks fantastic. Battle animations are nicely detailed, the menu interface for the turn based combat looks very slick and the music is really good. The game overall looks impressive and seems to be progressing along nicely. Hopefully we hear word on it’s Japanese release date in the future but Blue Reflection might be a JRPG to look out for in 2017.

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