Breath of the Wild Backstory Revealed by Special Edition Map

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Zelda is always known for it’s backstory, with it opening up the game world. Fans were able to translate a special edition map that has Hylian Text. It states the following which was translated by Zeitik.

“Hylians pass stories of a destined time long past where multiple races lived and worked together in harmony. The Sheika Tribe’s blue aura breathed through the land and this mutual prosperity continued until a cataclysmic disaster struck. The Hero and the Princess attempted to seal the terror known as Calamity Ganon. Divine beast awoke from four directions and deployed a mechanical army which made the king and his people fearful. They fractured Ganon’s power and sealed him but the Sheikah were banished from the land ever since”

This is interesting and implies that Link had a role in sealing Ganon before re-awaking at the start of the game, in addition to giving Zelda some context to a few lines stated in the latest trailer. We will learn more about the story of Breath of the Wild as we get closer to launch but this is exciting news for fans of the series lore and story!

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