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We reported on Mega Man Mobile in the past, with Capcom announcing the Blue Bomber is coming to mobile platforms to kick off the new year. But they have a few issues, which many pointed out? Just how bad are the issues though? Digital Foundry looks over two of the games and finds out, they have a lot of problems.

Running at 15-20FPS, animations being choppy, screen size not looking great and touch controls appearing to not be perfectly responsive; it’s a mess all around. This is a shame, as you can take classic platformers and bring them to mobile. SEGA did that with the help of Taxman and Stealth for Sonic CD, Sonic 1 and Sonic 2.

Capcom likely cobbled together the mobile versions and that is a shame, as on-the-go classic Mega Man is cool. If you want the Mega Man series on the go, I recommend the 3DS Legacy Collection and the PS1 Classic’s versions of Mega Man 1-4 on PSN over the mobile releases.

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