Stardew Valley Update – PS Vita & Switch Versions Planed, PS4 & Xbox One Patches

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The charming indie hit Stardew Valley recently came to consoles through PS4 and Xbox One releases but many wonder when patches are coming and if it will see release on other systems. The studio behind the title put out a lengthy update on the games official website detailing a lot.
First is that the game is getting patches for the PS4 and Xbox One in February.

Chucklefish and Sickhead Games are making good progress on addressing some issues with the console versions. Their top priority is to resolve the issue where saved games become unload-able. Fortunately, they’ve discovered the reason this is happening, and after this next patch, it shouldn’t occur anymore. If you currently have a save file that won’t load, it will likely work once again after the patch comes out. The patch will also fix several other issues… I’ll share the full patch notes with you when the it’s been finalized. The console patches should be out early February.

This is great news, as people reported to have issues with the game on consoles. So with things patched up, more people an enjoy the game with little to no problems. While the game is out on consoles now, many would like to take there farming adventures on the go, and the developers have a clear answer to that question.

Stardew Valley will not be a launch title on Nintendo Switch, but I am still planning on bringing it to the platform later this year. We are currently investigating the possibility of a PS Vita port.

While no confirmation for either platform, Stardew Valley could see release on both the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch in the future. Based on the comment, it seems that a Switch version is more likely compared to a Vita version. It still is good hearing that portable versions are being considered for future release, which makes me happy as a Vita owner who has interest in trying this game out.
The last major news from the blog post is that the game is getting localization testing and that multiplayer support is coming in the future. You can read about that in further depth by clicking the following link. 

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