Battlefield 1 – PC Max 4K vs. PS4 Pro 4K Mode Graphics Comparison

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We compare the graphics of Battlefield 1 on PC with PS4 Pro in 4K mode. It is recommended to watch this video in 4K. Battlefield 1 runs on PS4 Pro with a higher dynamic resolution, depending on the scenario from 1440p to 1656p. It also runs with a smoother frame rate but does not include turned up graphics options such as better reflections or better shadows. The PC version runs with max graphics, including HBAO and all options set to ultra. TAA is activated. We have included both single player and multi player scenes in this video.

If you wanted to see how Battlefield 1 looks in 4K but wonder which way to experience 4K for the title is better, consider watching the above video! Candyland released this video and it shows how different/similar 4K modes on PS4 and PC compare.

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