Kotaku – Nintendo Responds to Questions About the Switch

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Gaming site Kotaku asked Nintendo a few questions about the upcoming Switch console and you can see all the questions & answers by clicking the following link. But I wanted to highlight four key questions.

How if at all does the Switch connect to Wii U and 3DS owners’ existing accounts?
We have nothing to announce at this time.
Will the Switch be compatible with existing Virtual Console purchases?
We have nothing to announce at this time.
Will the Switch have its own library of Virtual Console games that starts from scratch, or will it bring over the Virtual Console library from 3DS and Wii U?
We have nothing to announce at this time.
How will SNES online functionality work? Which games will it support?
We have nothing to announce at this time.

These are all important questions that many want answered and Nintendo just doesn’t want to answer them yet. I get that they want to have control over when and where information on the Switch releases, but those four questions are quite important. The Virtual Console is a major element to Nintendo and has been around since the Wii; the fact that was not detailed at all is surprising considering how it could help mask the Switch’s low amount of confirmed launch software.
SNES Online Functionality will likely be a major element detailed in the future as well, but that not being explained outside of ‘Some games will have it’ is strange. Either way, it’s good other members of the press are asking these questions now, so that way Nintendo could hopefully answer them faster.

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