Kyle Bosman – The Power of Unreleased Games

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Video games are part of something called ‘Hype Cycles’ where people get very excited about the future of a game or many games, and this happens again & again in the industry. But why does it happen though? Kyle offers an answer to this through discussing the power of unreleased games. These are games that are, well, not released.
He equates them to candy on the road that leads you to a house, with the promise of more games being the individual piece of candy. I think this analogy works great, as all three of the major platform holders (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo) deal with things differently.
In the context of Microsoft’s cancellation of Scalebound and the mixed reception of the Switch Presentation, this possible answer has some importance I feel. It explains why people felt disappointed with the lack of games announced for the Switch and why people are angry that Scalebound was canceled. At least it does to me personally. I enjoy Kyle’s work a lot, so happy to see him continuing to produce great content.

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