Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup: Confirmed for Switch, Wii U Version Scrapped – Emily Rogers Report

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Former Rare developers Chris Seaver and Shawn Pile have been working on a new IP called Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup for a while now and Emily Rogers posted the story announcing the project back in 2013. She recently got in contact with the developers and discovered new information about the game.
The most major announcement is that Rusty Pup is rolling onto the Nintendo Switch, that the 3DS version is still under consideration and the Wii U version is scrapped.

I’d pretty much back-burnered the Wii U in terms of dev for a while now because of the cost to develop on something that was increasingly seen as a dead end system. Along comes the Switch, hopefully reinvigorating Nintendo’s home console market. It all dovetails nicely. Switch is pretty much a defo, just not sure when. 3DS is dependent on resources and time issues but currently a yes. Wii U, nah.

Sad news for Wii U owners not jumping onto the Switch but for those getting the system, this is yet another indie game coming to the system. Other major news is that the PC version will be releasing after the Switch version comes out and that the developers gave some comments about the Switch hardware itself. You can read that yourself by clicking the following link to Emily’s article on the subject. 
We will be covering more on this title as we get further information on the project and this is exciting hearing Rusty Pup & Yooka-Laylee will be calling the Switch it’s home; feels like Rare making new Nintendo games again and that is wonderful.

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