Breath of the Wild – No Support for Dual Audio on both Switch and Wii U

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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the very first game in the series to feature full-on voice acting and it sounds very impressive. The series dabbled with it before (Midna has voice acting in a really cool way in Twilight Princess though) but this is the first time they went all out with it. From the trailer Nintendo released during the Switch Presentation, it sounds quite decent.
Sadly, if you prefer a specific language track like the Japanese or English Dub, you have to mess with internal system settings to change things. Breath of the Wild does NOT support dual audio tracks sadly, meaning the dub you hear is locked to what setting your Switch console is currently in. Want to listen to the Japanese dub, you have to set your system to Japanese but you cannot read anything due to the games text being Japanese too.
This is a bit disappointing when other games in the industry like World of Final Fantasy, Sonic Generations and Final Fantasy XV give you many options for which dub you want to listen too. Even ATLUS who only recently is letting people in the west hear their JP dubs in the Persona series with the fifth game releasing this April. I’m not upset with this news, as it makes sense and they likely couldn’t implement the feature for dual audio due to wanting the game gold for Switch’s launch.
Maybe in the future they can patch the dual audio support in or something. Either way, this is sad news but not anything major I think. It’s impressive Zelda even has full voice acting now honestly and can’t wait to hear the English & Japanese dubs when it releases March 3rd.

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