Gaming Community Highlight – Dino Crisis Series Thread on NeoGaf by Jawmuncher

Dino Crisis is a franchise Capcom doesn’t really use for anything lately. Despite fitting the action-focus of newer Resident Evil games perfectly (specifically Resident Evil 6), they never tired making another game in the franchise after the series third release on the original Xbox.

NeoGaf user Jawmuncher has done a lot in trying to highlight this series and he made a thread on the forum NeoGaf about the franchise. It covers a lot of really interesting elements for the series; sales numbers, advertisements, general information and much more!

I wanted to make this thread to share a lot of the stuff I have collected over the years through various searches and to consolidate a lot of Dino Crisis information into one place. There’s no sites that seem to have this sort of information consolidated.

You can read the thread by clicking the following link. Great work Jawmuncher and your hard work is appreciated.

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