Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment Nintendo Switch Gameplay (Stranded Ship Level)

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We reported on gameplay releasing for Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment the other day but the demo for the title press was able to play contained two levels. While that video covered the ‘Great Plains’ level, this latest video (also released from GameXplain) shows off a heavily modified ‘Stranded Ship’ level.
It demonstrates a new mechanic for Specter Knight; being able to ride on moving rails that go in different directions. Similar to Specter Knight’s homing slash ability, this mirrors Sonic’s ability to grind on rails. As someone who loves the Sonic series, it’s both surprising and fascinating seeing Sonic-like abilities & mechanics being applies to a Mega Man/Mario styled platformer.
The level is also very different, with parts being complete changed. Even the mid-level boss is brand new from the original Shovel Knight. I love everything I’m seeing from Specter Knight’s gameplay and I can’t wait to play this on my PS Vita and PS3 in April 2017. If you happen to pick up a Nintendo Switch, you can access this content early in March.

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