Super BunnyHop – Playing the Nintendo PlayStation

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The Nintendo PlayStation is a console many wonder about, as it feels like an important part of gaming history. It is a platform developed by Sony and Nintendo but due to issues between the parties, it never released and Sony instead made it’s own PlayStation without Nintendo. This resulted in not only Sony entering the console market, but others like Microsoft entering the fold; Nintendo helped create the competition they continue to face today.
Super BunnyHop was able to speak with the people who discovered a old Nintendo PlayStation prototype and it’s a very interesting interview.

An in-depth look at the story behind the creation of the Nintendo
Playstation, in addition to the story behind the dad & son team who
unearthed it for the rest of the world to see.

Learning about gaming history is important to better understand where we are today as an industry and watching this video is just one of the many examples of history being retold.

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