ARMS (Nintendo Switch) – Destructible Environments, More Character Announcements

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Nintendo was able to detail some features and elements being featured in it’s fun looking 3D fighting game ARMS for the Nintendo Switch. In addition to using motion controls and having traditional controller support, the game has a vibrant roster of charming characters to play as.

Nintendo has announced five characters for Arms so far. Players will be able to control Springman, Ribbon Girl, Master Mummy, Mechanica, or Ninjara.
During a stage show for Arms at the Nintendo Switch Experience 2017 in Japan last week, Kosuke Yabuki confirmed that there are more characters than are currently announced. It’s worth noting that Yabuki had been working on the Mario Kart series – with some other games sprinkled in – for ten years before becoming the producer of the Switch title.
There wasn’t a ton of other information shared at the event, but there were a few small tidbits. For example, some stages will have destructible objects. Also mentioned is that special attacks can be guarded, so you have to carefully use it. And the special gauge fills when you punch or get it.

With more characters on the way and stages with destructible elements, we have a really intersting and creative fighter on our hands. We will continue reporting on ARMS and the rest of Nintendo’s Line-Up on the Switch as further news comes out.
Source: Nintendo Everything

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