Freedom Planet 2 Gameplay Preview – Milla

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Freedom Planet 2 got a new gameplay trailer released and it covers the character of Milla. Being a friend of Lilac and Carol, she joins them on a new adventure using a modified moveset from the original Freedom Planet.

Milla has beefed up her alchemy skills for the sequel! She can now fight enemies with punches and kicks, and her reflective shield can be aimed in 8 directions. Her Phantom Cube can be summoned immediately by pressing the Guard button. With a cube active, she can fire mini-cubes at enemies or unleash the entire cube in a devastating Super Shield Burst. The recoil from the burst can be used to build up lots of speed! With so many tricks up her sleeve, she can be the most versatile fighter in the game!

It’s really interesting seeing her become so fleshed out; instead of just having a really useful flutter-jump and mild projectile gameplay, she has a lot of moves. She can use melee combat not unlike Lilac and Carol, her shield is quite useful, she has a really effective projectile shoot that can be used repeatedly and she can use a special ‘Phantom Cube’ that can be used for different means. She looks like a lot of fun to play as, considering her playable role in Freedom Planet 1 feeling weaker compared to Lilac and Carol. Here, she appears to be more balanced and versatile.
We will report more on Freedom Planet 2 as further information releases.

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