Resident Evil 7 – PS4 vs. PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison

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Resident Evil 7 is out now and many are excited to try this new horror adventure on the PS4, Xbox One and PS4 Pro. Many are wondering though, does the game run well, specifically due to it’s focus on VR on PlayStation platforms?
Good news! The game runs at 60FPS across Xbox One, PS4, PS4 Pro and PC. Differences can be detailed below for the PS4 and PS4 Pro versions.

PS4 Pro:
– Resolution is around 1620-1680p; tricky to nail down as of yet because of the heavy post processing involved)
– Locked 60fps
– Final build includes Screen Space Reflection

– No mention of actual resolution
– Locked 60fps
– Final build includes Screen Space Reflection

This is good news, as the game being a locked 60FPS across ALL platforms makes gunplay, exploration and overall control feel more responsive. More specifically, it makes the game feel ‘right’ on VR; higher frame rates help ease the nausea levels VR headsets can have sometimes.
Source: NeoGaf


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