Life of Black Tiger: The Rage of Black Tiger – Sony Curation System Needs Work?

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Jim discovered a game called Life of Black Tiger on the PS4 storefront and shared his thoughts as he played the game on his YouTube channel. Now, it looks quite ‘off’; the Tigers animations are very stiff, the frame rate is quite all over the place, and the ‘story’ is filled with writing errors. It’s a game that needed more time to become something more; it looks unfinished.
More people came out to talk about the game recently, with Digital Foundry offering their stance on this ‘interesting’ title.

They played it on PS4 and PS4 Pro, finding out that it’s frame rate is wildly inconstant, visuals are very bad and that the online features are broken. It’s a mobile port to PS4, so these issues should not be present at all. Sony likely is opening up it’s storefront to everyone now, as they have much success on PS4 currently. But they need to be careful which games get on their platform; it gives the platform the image of Steam Early Access. That isn’t good honestly.
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