Microsoft Removes Snap Feature from Xbox One

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Xbox One is known for offering many features, including the ‘Snap’ ability. This lets you run two apps at the same time, being quite the impressive feature if you would like to say, listen to music in one app while playing a game. Sadly this feature is getting removed from the Xbox One in an upcoming update.

Microsoft is planning to kill off one of the more unique features of its Xbox One dashboard: snap mode. The software giant originally introduced snap mode as a method to watch TV or run an app side-by-side with a game. Microsoft is now on a mission to improve dashboard speed and multitasking, and snap mode is being removed to help improve the overall dashboard lag.

Xbox Platform head Mike Ybarra revealed the change on Twitter yesterday, noting that “we replaced Snap to improve multitasking, reduce memory use, improve overall speed, and free up resources going forward for bigger things.” It’s not clear what those “bigger things” are just yet, but rumors have suggested Microsoft might opt for some type of picture-in-picture mode to let universal apps run alongside games.

This makes sense, considering it does eat up resources that can help games run better but it still is a shame to see one of the more unique features of the Xbox One being removed. Maybe the upcoming Xbox Scorpio will restore this feature due to it’s rumored strong horsepower.
Source: The Verge

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